Personal Diary

In the so-called busy life
Lot of relationship gets missed out
Missing my school days personal diary
Wondering where this life takes me to!
There comes a mail from my best buddy
With loads of joy and memories..
“Back to India and stay there forever”
Felt like I got my school life back
From Maths tuitions to weekend tests,
Morning prayers to evening special classes,
Lunch break to lab hours,
She was there always..
Words like care, possessiveness, happiness and tears
Found their meaning in our friendship..
Even a single second of our days got written in our heart
And we are each other’s personal diary..!
As time cannot stand still
Years got rolled out faster
And now here is my adorable friend
Rushing from a foreign country
To meet me soon..
I welcome u with the best compliment that u gave me once “I’m proud to have u as mine”.

This is for my old friend who is returning to India now.

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